Saturday, December 30, 2006

Funniest thing---EVER!

I wanna have this much fun at some time in my life!

Makes me laugh so f-ing hard I can't stand it!

Edit: Jennifer--The entire thing: the sketch, the man, the actor playing the man, the dance--everything. Funny, I hated The Gong Show when I was a kid--almost as much as I hated Hee-Haw. Now that I look back at it, HAH! Yeah! Sure beats the sh*t they call TV now...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Will it be enough?

I guess this question can be asked of many things in my life right now...

I bought two skeins of ArtYarns Regal Silk a couple of months ago with intentions to make a scarf-sized (mini) clapotis. I did the swatch, and now I'm doubting whether I will have enough yarn to make ANYTHING with it at all....

I started out with US 8 needles, but I didn't like the gauge I was getting, so I switched mid-way to US 6. This will probably be what I use, but I still doubt whether my yardage will be enough. O well. Live and learn, right? I doubt I can find any more of this with the same dye lot.

Anyone wanna offer suggestions as to what I should do? A different project, maybe?

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

I have decidedly not been hiding. I've just been BUSY. Here are a few little things I've made recently:

Mom's Christmas present. Scarf made with Berroco Trilogy, two skeins, on size US 9 needles. This is the first time I've ever used dropped stitches, and I *think* I've taught myself how it works. Yes, friends. I AM practicing for the mini clapotis I'm about to start.

Roosevelt looks very handsome in it, as well! :)

I made this oven mit a couple of weeks ago. I love the fabric choice!! I have been holding back this green since October for fear I might screw it up... This little mit comes from the Amy Butler book, In Stitches. It's a practice run for attaching binding. And yes, I may bind *THE* quilt(s) pretty soon...

I made a bag tonight. Amy Butler's Forest is truely one of my FAVORITE fabric lines! Just finished it. Took about two hours or so... Maybe one and a half... There's a small pocket in the lining.

Hope Christmas Day was a success for everyone. I'm thankful for my stay-at-home day and for the board game, Stratego. Made the man very happy. :) Goodnight.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Duck rhymes with luck

...and he's really cute, too!!
Found him at the thrift shop, too.
I like him a lot, do you??

Hee-hee. Rhymes... Me thinks he was hand-painted or hand-crafted by someone because he's signed on the bottom! The price tag said $4, but I don't think I paid that for him, because I got three other $2 items and my grand total was $5. Hmmm....

P.S. The pics of the fabric didn't really do it much justice now that I look at the post. It'll be better once it's a finished object.

P.P.S. Anyone else out there not really feeling like it's Christmas?? The 70-degree weather could have something to do with it, I guess. Bah.

...That didn't stop me from making more trees the other night, though! :D YAY.

Friday, December 15, 2006


A couple of things about luck:
When it comes to weather, the lottery, any sort of contest, or little special things I like to keep close to me, I have NO luck--EVER. B continually tells me I have the worst luck of ANYONE he knows. (That's bad.) Occasionally, I'll have OK luck finding what I'm looking for in stores, etc., but most often the bad luck finds me by making sure the store (office, service center, whatever) is CLOSED when I arrive. I have SOME luck SOMETIMES, but not often. It's like a sick game God likes to play with me. Apparently, patience is a virtue.

Hence, this post.

Good news first. (Let's be optimistic today, shall we?)
I made a (second) trip to the little thrift shop that benefits animal rescue in this area, just to see if they had anything good. At first I was not pleased. I found some cloth napkins that looked brand new that I might be able to use in a quilting project or something... Then I turned and found they had a huge bin of vintage fabric! And old feed sacks!! (On a side note, this place really is like living in another era...) No repros here! This is the real deal. Now, granted: Not ALL of it is vintage. There were some pieces from the 70s and 80s in there. Not a problem. I'll just donate those that I didn't like back to the shop. Here's a couple of shots of the goods and a preview of what I'm doing with the feedsacks--yes, there are SIX of them! So many ideas, so little time.

Just my luck: Blogger won't let me post any additional pictures... Oh well.
The CONE of yarn just so happens to be Elmore-Pisgah's 100% cotton (Mason-Dixon Knitting, Hello?) and it was only $1!

So: the rest of the story goes like this. My ipod? Yes. It died. I've had it for three? months... Now I have all this fabric and other goodies but the element that brings it all together is gone. Back to CD's for me, I guess. For a while at least... I never get a break....

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Can't get enough of the little trees I've seen everywhere!! Since I spotted them in purl yesterday, I Of COURSE had to make a couple!

Awww... *cough-cough!* I mean, Bah! Humbug!

I got myself a couple of presents, too!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bugs, Part II

I got you muthafukkka! HAH!

*robot voice*: "SCORE! A DIRECT HIT!"

Don't mess with The Steph.

(P.S. This was not anywhere NEAR the house--at all. THANK GOD! Just in case anyone was wondering...)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Uh, oh--She's been cooking again...

Um, yeah. I'm not really a good cook. In fact, I usually screw up any attempt at cooking, unless it's a sandwich or eggs (or an egg sandwich!). HOWEVER! There might be a breakthrough afterall. Yes, I made a damn-good meal tonight and I feel the need to brag, and I even documented it!

Tonight's special includes a delicious lentil soup, along with a cheese quesadilla with a side of chips and salsa. The wine of the day (...week, year...) is Dyed in the Wool Pinot Noir. After dinner, feel free to clean your own dishes (or not) and retire to the studio to make your friend an APRON!!


I have been coveting this awesome little apron for as long as I've owned the book. My best friend got married about six months ago and bought a new house and is now expecting a baby, so I thought I would make her some stuff for the homestead. She asked me about an apron a while ago and has been holding off buying one until I got around to making her one. Good thing I'm feeling crafty these days... Hope she likes. If not, I'll wear it! :) Yay for kitchy-kitchen stuff.