Monday, November 27, 2006

Skills I didn't know I had...

Oh yeah! I be gots the skillz. Where did this come from? Hell, even I don't know. Someone just asked me to do it, so I did. :) Good to know I can hack it, I guess...

I'm turnin' into a regular Martha Stewart, ova' hea!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mocha Quilt

I got it in my head a couple of days ago that I needed to make a quilt of just squares. Something easy, but visually pleasing. After some careful consideration and ideas from several patterns I found, this is the result.

This is the layout before it was pieced:

I do think I will be making several more of these. Quick & easy. Yeah!

P.S. Have you ever seen such a silly dog? Roosevelt, you steal all the limelight!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Okay, Peek Some More

Here's the new yarn I got at Charlotte Yarn. Love that shop! :) Almost as much as Shiela's! Debbie Bliss silk! It's gonna make a nice present for someone I know...

Also, some sock yarn I couldn't live without:

Alllll these goodies get to live with the other goodies in my stash, which is outgrowing it's house... Behold the stash:

Friday, November 17, 2006

Peek, Continued

Go to next post first for a chronological peek of the stash.

Not sure why, but Blogger will not let me post all my stuff today... Well, here's more...

I got some great stuff at Charlotte Yarn yesterday. I love that shop!

Well, shit! Blogger is simply not letting me post more pictures. More tomorrow.


I've gotten some new fabric and yarn I don't think I've shown off yet... Here's a look at what catches my eye these days.

First: A present from my mister. He brought it back from NY just for me. It was a long walk for him to get to Purl Patchwork, but he loves me that much! I love it! I love it!

Next: Stuff I got in New York back in October. Left to right: Farm wool dyed with vegetable skins, Magdallanes for a long squishy scarf, green Koigu for some sockies, gold Regal Silk for a scarf-sized Clapotis, and fabric from Purl Patchwork! You recognize the canvas birdies? One of my associates wants to buy two of the bags I made with this stuff for his mother and his wife! This was a good trip for yarn and fabric, for sure!

Next: A meeting in Charleston lands me a quick trip to Knit to pick up this awesome new stuff! I met the nicest lady in the world there, and her name is Toni. She bought me yarn!! I was on a budget considering I had just bought all that stuff in New York. She said I simply must have it! Every time I think about that day I smile. Thank you, Toni!! You are awesome.

More recently, I was in Savannah at The Red Needle. Oddly, they have lots of yarns, but nothing I can really not live without... So I found some buttons for a cardigan I have planned to make. Who goes to the yarn shop and gets only buttons?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Le Bubblie es Finis

Finished the Bubbly Curtain from Mason-Dixon Knitting! It's blocking for now, and I hope to hang it on Thursday or Friday. Just got to find a stick for the curtain rod.

Started: Late Summer 2006
Finished: November 12, 2006
Yarn: EuroFlax
Tools: US 6 straight needles, 46 CO sts

First time blocking ANY of my projects. Can you believe it? This one got starched, too! It rolled up a LOT while I was knitting it. Nice to see it laid out straight. It will look great next to my front door.

Bottom Rows

Bottom Close-up

Whole Curtain

Top "Ringholes"

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Roosevelt Has a Myspace!

He's so cool! Check him out: he's already got nine friends!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Quickie about Bugs

This posting is rated R for language content (mom). Sensitive? Don't read this one...

Bugs. This place is full of fucking bugs and other creepy-ass shit. Here's a run-down of the last month for me, as insidious as it is:

Early October: Huge spider on the wall in bedroom
Mid October: HUGE-ass ROACH got on ME, sent me into a mental tailspin
Late October: Weird salamander-thing on the front porch (strange but kinda nice actually...)

Today: Tick on my sweet baby's head!!

I must pat myself on the back: I personally pulled a tick off a very scary growling Mr. Roosevelt without batting an eye. Just got the tweezers, and after a few very tense moments, I got that fucker off! (We threw a party afterwards--just him and me.) Progress=this all went down with no biting and no tears.

Go momma, go momma, go!