Friday, November 17, 2006


I've gotten some new fabric and yarn I don't think I've shown off yet... Here's a look at what catches my eye these days.

First: A present from my mister. He brought it back from NY just for me. It was a long walk for him to get to Purl Patchwork, but he loves me that much! I love it! I love it!

Next: Stuff I got in New York back in October. Left to right: Farm wool dyed with vegetable skins, Magdallanes for a long squishy scarf, green Koigu for some sockies, gold Regal Silk for a scarf-sized Clapotis, and fabric from Purl Patchwork! You recognize the canvas birdies? One of my associates wants to buy two of the bags I made with this stuff for his mother and his wife! This was a good trip for yarn and fabric, for sure!

Next: A meeting in Charleston lands me a quick trip to Knit to pick up this awesome new stuff! I met the nicest lady in the world there, and her name is Toni. She bought me yarn!! I was on a budget considering I had just bought all that stuff in New York. She said I simply must have it! Every time I think about that day I smile. Thank you, Toni!! You are awesome.

More recently, I was in Savannah at The Red Needle. Oddly, they have lots of yarns, but nothing I can really not live without... So I found some buttons for a cardigan I have planned to make. Who goes to the yarn shop and gets only buttons?


Anonymous Laurie P said...

Ooo, Nice!!! And YAY for Mister!
He's a good man. :)

12:16 PM, November 17, 2006  
Anonymous Joanna (Monroe) Phillips said...

Hey Chica,

It's Joanna (IMC). I didn't realize you were so crafty (makes me think of a Beasty Boys song now but that's not about you other then the words She's Crafty) ANYways. Very cute stuff. I was thinking about trying to do a small kniting project to see how I like it. I do love to sew stuff but who know if I would be good at this. I want to make a small dress like thing for this angel I'm trying to fix for my mom's door. ANYways I digress.

Real Question: Any books you would suggest for newbies?

12:55 AM, December 15, 2006  

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