Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Site

FINALLY, I've moved to the new blogger. Had to get mom to sign in from her computer and do the switch for me... Maybe blogger got stuck on my computer. Who knows? But hey now it works.

Okay, for those devoted fans who have been checking ever so faithfully--you know who you are... the ones who have been thinking, "gosh, why isn't Steph blogging anymore??", I have a new site. You didn't think I would really go this long without a post, did you?? haha

Here it is:

Feel free to use this as an archive or something. :) Thanks for looking.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Gosh! Blogger would not let me post!!!

Just because it's been quiet around here doesn't mean there's no crafting going on...
More posts to come. Gotta go to work first.

Maybe I'll try moving to the new Blogger later today.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

edredón de mocha es terminado!!

Mocha quilt is finished! :) Hooray! For days and days I pondered the possibilities of the binding fabric... Why not just bind with the backing fabric once and a while? Nothing else seemed right.


The finished size is only 34 x 42". I intended for it to be a lap quilt. Me gustalo muchisimo! :)

I have also been dying yarn with Kool-Aid. The color is nowhere NEAR as dark as I wanted it to be, so I'm breakin' out the Rit Dye... We'll show that yarn a thing or two! Here's the Kool-Aid stained yarn:

I used cherry with a dash of grape to get this color. It's possible I should have used two packs of the cherry Kool Aid per skein, but who knew? It's my first try. I got four skeins of this mystery yarn during my thrifting adventure this week. IT WAS $1!!! FOUR SKEINS!! There's a lot of yardage, and I'm pretty sure it's pure lamb's wool that someone spun... The original color looks just like sheep. :)

Anyway, I'm still sticking to the Finishing Act of January 2007 for now. (but I did manage to sneak in a pair of one-hour booties for my bestest-ever friend...) heehee

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lurky Lurkers

Lurk, lurk, lurkety, lurk.
Come out n say hi, won't ya?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Photo Collage

I ordered some prints from and this is what I decided to do with them. :)

Not much sewing the last few days. Busy THINKING about sewing, but not actually doing it. I'm also THINKING about dying some yarn from the thrift shop. Might go ahead and do that now.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Old School

A little more or less demented. A lot more in the dark. Me, SIX years ago. My god, where does time go?

Thinking lately about cutting/coloring the hair. And by the way, I just ordered these frames again. Dammit, I miss them!

Maybe I'll go dark like this:

I definitely want to cut it short. Like, old-school short.

Who am I these days? I'm gonna bring it back.

Thrifting = good

There are no good local yarn shops in this place but the thrift stores are something to behold. I've found that there are more than ten within a ten-mile radius, and for now the gettin's good. Today, I spent about $10 on two full skeins of non-wal-mart yarn, some hand-spun yarn (un-identified fibers, but very dye-able and possible candidate for a full-size clapotis) a few notions, some patterns and more than five full yards of fabric. Oh yeah: and some ties--lots of men's ties. If you add the awesome coffee and tea cups I found, that total comes to a whopping $10.50. Can you beat it? Some of the fabric even has TEXT!

I've decided to become a collector of this type of coffee cup. I posted some a LOOONG time ago that I got for 35c at the flea market in Charlotte (they're pictured with the oven mit, of course). I love the shape and uniqueness about them.

In the last few days I've come to discover that the only thing better than one stay-at-home day is another day off to follow.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Check this one off the list! DS Quilt esta terminado! :) Hooray!

Purchased the fabric in May 2006. Started it sometime in June. Got all the way to the binding and cut it too short to join. Gave up on it for a while and kept it in mind... Scared of binding.... Didn't like the idea of hand-sewing the binding. Decided I didn't like the way it was quilted (stitched in the ditch originally) and frogged the quilted part and binding. Re-quilted it today. Found an awesome tutorial online (thanks, MOM!!) for binding hand-made napkins and applied it to my quilt (thanks, Molly at PurlBee!). Added a little bit of fabric to make the binding long enough to join then sewed it up! And so, there ya go. A finished FIRST quilt for me! Many more to come.

Soon as I figure out what to bind the mocha quilt with, it will be done too.

The stay-at-home day did me some good today.