Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year, New Needle Roll

2007 needs to be all about follow-through. I think I will start by making this month "Finish the UFOs Month". I do say they are piling up. Let's count them, shall we?

1. Big pink DS Quilt (needs binding)
2. Mocha Quilt (quilting needs finishing, needs binding)
3. Feedsack Bag (needs assembly and handles)
4. Somewhat Cowl--started LAST MARCH! (needs neck and sleeves)
5. MDK Baby Kimono (needs seaming and ties)
6. Echino Book Bag (needs assembly and lining fabric--can't decide!)
7. New addition: Scarf-sized mini-clapotis (already fading quickly into dark, UFO land...)
8. DPN Roll--CHECK!

Done. I started this and got sidetracked and forgot about it for a month. Do I have ADD? (Definitely not ADHD... Not that one, for sure!) It feels good to finish something so quickly, I might add. All the work is basically done with these pieces--they just need a finishing touch.

Here's the DPN Roll.

And here's what we did today:


Anonymous Laurie P said...

Oooo.... DPN case looks great!!! So does my granddog. :)

9:08 PM, January 08, 2007  

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