Thursday, September 21, 2006

Back to Finishing Old Projects

I'm a bit behind on finishing my Somewhat Cowl... You know... The one I started back in MARCH! So I have been telling myself I need to finish SOMETHING before it gets cold (as cold as a beach can get, ahem). I have also been telling myself to please find the strength to start the Sweet Mary Jane pattern I was oh so excited about back in...hmmm... February???

Anyway, I got bored with the Somewhat Cowl because I became such a S.L.O.W. knitter during the process of completing the raglan increases. Procrastinate no more, Steph-you're on to joining in the round! :) Oh boy. I'll join in the round tonight, and hopefully be finished by October 6 so I can wear it in New York. Think it will happen? Maybe, but let's ask the binding for my quilt that has yet to be cut and see what it thinks....


Anonymous Laurie P said...

Keep up the good work... that will look SO nice in NYC! :)

1:34 PM, September 22, 2006  

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