Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Don't be a Lurker

If you look but don't talk, you are a lurker. If you come to someone's house, you should speak, right?! Show yourselves, you lurky-lurkers! I know you're there. Wa-ha-haaaa

Anyone who knows me will tell you one thing: She doesn't cook. Sometimes, I'm either forced to or I become curious and venture into the world of cooking. This time, I did it! I really made something good! It should last me a while, because there is a LOT left. Funny how that works out... Four cans of broth, plus four potatoes, one onion, one zuccini, one yellow squash, three small carrots, one can of okra, one can of stewed tomatoes, one tsp of thyme, two tsp of basil, some pepper, and one can of chick peas equals one damn-fine dinner! [and lunch!] [and more lunch!] Anyway, here's the evidence that Steph CAN actually cook [but probably just doesn't want to]:


Blogger spirals said...

hi no lurky lurky

2:31 PM, January 24, 2006  
Anonymous Mash said...

You crazy Mama!
"You're killing me Steph! You're killing me! Ha Ha Ha"!

2:06 PM, January 26, 2006  
Anonymous LaurieP said...

Wow! That looks good!!! I'm so proud. :P


9:22 AM, January 27, 2006  

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